We would love to have your Eco-friendly business, Organization, or if you're a socially conscious individual that loves our planet be apart of this great adventure! 


Eco Fantasy Tour, the book, is written and edited.  We're putting the final touches on it and would  love to have you as a supporter!  Depending on your level of support you will be  mentioned in programs handed out to all the parents that attend Eco Fantasy Tour, the Play, and in the back of the book!  


We still need to get the illustrations finished and the music recorded.  We will also be producing beautiful, educational video's to be shown throughout the play.  Then the book goes to print!  There is the time to get your business name printed in the end of the book as a supporter!


The goal is to get the book/CD/play, "School Kits", in the hands of as many children as we can.  What a better way to have them participate and learn about how to make the future of our planet sustainable!  If not now, when?


We have different levels of support.  Your support will go through Ozark Environmental Awareness Fund, a 105.c3 organization. 




Our highest level!  Congratulations!!!


We will only have three major sponsors at this level.  At this level you have major presence in the book, this website, programs and your choice of video shown at live performances!

You'll also be on posters that will be available for schools that are performing the play.  "School Kits" will be donated to schools from you! 






At this level you too will be mentioned in the back of the book, this website and on all programs. Plus 10 "School Kits" to donate to schools.












At this level you will be listed in every program that gets sent home with parents.  And on this website.  Plus 5 "School Kits" to donate to schools.







At this level you get listed on this website and one "School Kit" to donate to your favorite school.