Personal Histories

What will be your Legacy?  Your life on Earth is but a moment in eternity so make a difference while you are here.  Who you are, your stories are priceless to those who love you.  Your grandchildren and especially your great grandchildren know of you but when they get older may not really know who you really are.  With a Personal Histories DVD your legacy will live on in their hearts. That is your gift to them.  A gift that will be cherished forever.  We make it very simple for we can either come to you to be interviewed or you can send a video with someone else interviewing you.  And then we would add your pictures to go along with your stories and your favorite music. Along with History References throughout your time line.  We can then make as many copies as you need for your loved. ones.

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In Memory of Miss Molly

Most Popular Packages

Basic to fit your budget   $75 - $175

3-15 minute

50 - 200 photos

3-10 photo captions

3-6 songs

1-6 title screens

Gold   $500

up to 30 Minutes

up to 250 pictures

unlimited title screens

unlimited photo captions

9 songs

Historical References

And Another one!

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