A group of children gather together at Camp Marvel, nestled in the Ozark Mountains.  Little do these kids know it, but they're about to embark on an exciting venture into the world of Mother Nature.  Eco Fantasy Tour is a world of every imaginable and beautiful color, an old woman desperate to save her habitat, and an introduction to Cousin Nature, who has something exciting to share with EJ and his friends.


The seven children travel from different parts of the world to attend Camp Marvel.  Their group, the Whimperwills, set off down the forest trail to identify the many different trees and plants  when they hear a strange noise coming out of an Ozark cave.  That strange noise happens to be Cousin Nature who has been waiting for them and takes them through the cave in to the unknown world that is Eco Fantasy Land. 


The adventure begins.......and along the way they run into many characters who have important stories to share with them and also find themselves in many different habitats.  Of course, what's a story without a villain.  In this story that would be Vincent Van Yuk!  Not the brightest tool in the shed!


The adventure ends at Recycle City with Tesla and the elves.  After saying their departing words to everyone they met along the way they fly over the land in a flying bus back to camp.  Now it's up to the children to convince the other kids at camp that what they experienced was real!  At least they all grow up to be great stewards of our only home, Earth.








The story comes to life through Eco Fantasy Tour, the Play!  The music ranges from pop, country, bluegrass, Latin, African, Motown and Native American.  The backdrop will be the beautiful illustrations in the book. 


There are many parts allowing many children to participate.  There's even dance numbers that local dance troupes can perform and props that art students can make. 


We will have available "School Kits" that include the book, CD/background CD, script, backdrop illustrations, posters and flyers.


We truly feel that the more children that participate the better the message of being good stewards of our home will expand!